Surveying our clients – December 2016

Buying legal services is ordinarily a grudge purchase. No one is especially happy about it except for the lawyers.

Lawyers themselves don’t ordinarily have much of a dashboard in respect of client satisfaction other than whether an invoice is paid.

Soliciting feedback is a task which comes with trepidation. Kicking over rocks can lead to spider bites. But we would genuinely like to know how we can improve. So we periodically issue client satisfaction surveys. A new survey was dispatched in December to a random pool of recent clients located in both Australia and internationally, to ascertain what people think. The answers are anonymous – we cannot tell who said what. Some of the non-confidential data is set out below.

We’re obviously really pleased with the results. But as with every endeavour, there is room for improvement, and that’s what we will be working towards. Encouragement is wonderful, but knowing where we trip over will let us do our job better.